Select the Rank of the restaurant. The walkthrough covers anything that involves special scenes & dialogues whether they're part of main quests, side quests, or instances. It is presented in a recommended order of which you play things.

Note that bar rank is on a scale of 1 to 10, and is shown in two different star colors- silver and gold. This is seen in the top left corner of the menu, under the month and day.

☆: Silver star

★: Gold star

✔: Equipment, Recipes, or Items can be obtained through this dialogue

♒: Party members, maps, or access to other features can be added through this dialogue.


Click here for a run-through of the tutorial.

Here is some information not covered in the tutorial that is helpful to keep in mind throughout gameplay.

Rank 0Edit

On the very first day, you can bake an Apple Pie in order to gain Alfine and in turn the wizard tower full of recipes- in other words, the last two quests are easy to complete. This is a huge leg up in the early ranks of the bar.

Additionally, in Brusso Meadows there is a secret area that offers two items that are also useful early on.

As general tips, use the "Butcher" skill whenever possible, and don't forget that Fred can use "Steal" if a mob has a valuable drop. Don't always leave a dungeon right away in the start; rather, stay behind and grind for materials, or to unlock new skills. If you find you have too much of a material, sell it and buy some of what you will use.

Rank 1 (☆)Edit

Reachable in about 2-5 days of sales

Upon reaching this rank, the Forest of Nus is unlocked. Over the next few days, visit Fred in Marcus Item Shop and you will bump into a peddler from Ostenlein. This meeting unlocks that area.

On day 9, Gustav comes into the bar to trash talk, and me mentions the Cook Off, an even that occurs every 10 days. High placement in this competition aides in ranking up the bar.

Rank 2 (★)Edit

After the first Royal Cooking Contest, you should likely achieve rank two. Nothing incredibly significant happens here.

Rank 3 (★☆) Edit

At Bar Rank 3, Otts Cave is unlocked. Progressing through the dungeons will give the player access Silkreef, then to Port City of Lar. This rank focuses chiefly on expanding your menu through those three new areas, and the plenty of seafood you find in them.

Note: When you reach Otts Cave, you will receive a "Cold" status effect, which you can get resistance to from dishes such as coffee and tea. Other later dungeons exhibit other status effects, all of which can be countered.

Somewhere in this rank, there is also a cutscene in which Kamerina knocks out a pair of men about to fight.

Rank 4 (★★)Edit

While short, this chapter features a few dialogues that stir up the plot and one that adds a new character to the party.

Rank 5 (★★☆)

This chapter places an emphasis on Alfine and offers a new map that offers plenty of ingredients to make profitable dishes in both exp and prices.

Rank 6 (★★★)Edit

More walkthrough information is coming soon!

Rank 7 (★★★☆)Edit

  • Meeting the queen
  • Fire Island
  • In this rank, you face all spices going missing. I'm not too sure what prompts this. But you run into a man outside of your store who may have a connection to the missing spices. He is in desert attire.

Rank 8 (★★★★)Edit

Rank 9 (★★★★☆)Edit

Rank 10 (★★★★★)Edit

Upon reaching this rank called "Master Chef" you will be invited to the palace. This triggers a sequence of quests that unlocks Mount Gilbert, The Purple Forest, Amiel Villa, and Mount Trulus. You gain the final member Milija in the Purple Forest, and are required to have her in your party the first time you try to access Amiel Villa.

After the EndEdit

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Before using a gem to show the missing ingredients to a dish, save beforehand, then use the gem. Make note of the missing ingredients. Load back and use the ingredients shown, This way, you can potentially have unlimited gems, but doing so kills the fun.
  • At early bar rank levels, the best dish to make are Croquettes. The simple ingredients are easy to get with the exception of Creme Sauce. Spamming making these also allows you to level up more frequently. At around Bar Rank 5, with access to Mt. Gilbert's Path, Garbonara is a better option.
  • Always visit your farm whenever there are free slots. Planting with frequency can keep yourself stocked with ingredients and reduce the amount of times you have to buy the ingredients, for maximum income.
  • Eat dishes regularly. Remember, there's a limit to how many dishes you can eat in a day. Make the most out of each day.
  • Cabbage juice (cabbage+blender) -2 hunger so you can use them to eat more by using one then eating a dish then repeat limited by how much cabbage you can get.
  • The well introduced in the walkthrough yields free water.
  • You can often reduce the cost of some ingredients (ex. butter, ketchup, lard, etc) by making them from basic ingredients like salt, milk, and flour, rather than buying them from the shop.
  • You can sort through the recipe list easier to find the most profitable recipes by copying and pasting the recipe list into Microsoft Excel. After pasting it, select the whole chart, then go to "Format as Table," then at the top of the Cost and Gold chart, click on the tiny downwards arrow and select "Sort from Largest to Smallest" to list the most profitable to least profitable. This will show you the best way to make money and pass the contests (which are based on the amount of exp/gold that each recipe gives). The chart in excel is also useful for finding foods that give specific status effects to your party, such as cold resistance (which is helpful in the Otts dungeon)