Conditions to Trigger Instance: After getting access to the Forest of Nus, visit Marcus' Item shop daily, depending on the progress of your sales, the man from Ostenlein should appear within 2-4 days.


  • Man: Oops, sorry! (leaves)
  • Siela: Who was that?
  • Fred: Oh, him? He's a peddler from Ostenlein.
  • Siela: Ostenlein?
  • Fred: You haven't heard of it before? It's a small village west of Casselburg. They sell dairy products. You can also find some of the same products in the Forest of Nus, too.
  • Siela: I'd love to go. Why didn't you tell me earlier?
  • Fred: You don't have a lot of money! That's why!
  • Siela: ...... Fine!