Here is a list of the dungeons and what can be found in each. 

Casselburg Brusso Meadows Forest of Nus Ostenlein Otts Cave Silkreef
Port City of Lar Otts Fall / Lake Gilbert's Path Fire Island Mount Gilbert ???
Desert City of Guid Western Desert Purple Forest Amiel Villa Mount Trulus Whale Bay


A reef rich with sea life.

Name Drop Steal
Merman Stock Octopus Herring Long Spear
Sea Flower Seaweed Sealeaf Nori Metabolizer
Hob Goblin Ham Black Pepper Mackerel Battle Axe
Iron Scissor Crab Crab Sealeaf Golden Seed
Sea Hawk Egg Chicken Herring Wheat Seed
Sea Worm Mackerel Scallop Flatfish Bottle Mana S
Collectable Ingredients
Mackerel Clam Nori Sealeaf Seaweed
Shrimp Crab Herring Salt
Treasure Chests