Here is a list of the dungeons and what can be found in each. 

Casselburg Brusso Meadows Forest of Nus Ostenlein Otts Cave Silkreef
Port City of Lar Otts Fall / Lake Gilbert's Path Fire Island Mount Gilbert ???
Desert City of Guid Western Desert Purple Forest Amiel Villa Mount Trulus Whale Bay

Otts CaveEdit

A cave running under Otts river.

Name Drop Steal
Killer Rat Cheese Fresh Creme Wheat Seed Panacea
Merfolk Herring Squid Sour Seed Short Spear
Aqua Slime Salt Sea Broth Bottled Cure M Grape Jelly Recipe
Cave Bat Bean Fruit Seed Veggie Seed Ketchup
Club Crab Seaweed Sour Seed Sour Seed
Venom Fungus Mushroom Pineshroom Mush Seed Poison Bomb
Instance Monsters
Goliath Holy Water Chestmail Earth Ring
Mad Ottssie
Collectable Ingredients
Mushroom Crab Ice Shrimp Pineshroom
Otts Trout (Fishing) Beard Fish (Fishing) Bottled Mana S (Fishing)
Treasure Chests
Grimoire Elixir Trident Magic Rope
Treasure Chests (Hidden Map Area)
Golden Box
Instance Monster
Shadow Catastrophe ?? ?? Odin's Wand