Kamerina Schpeck
Gender Female
Age 19
Species Human
Relatives Siela (sister)
Occupation Co-owner of Kamerina's bar

Kamerina Schpeck (カメリナ・シュペック) is the 19 year old co-owner of Kamerina's Bar and Siela's older sister. After the passing of their parents years before, she has taken up running the bar.

Although the bar was named after her (only in the English version; in the Japanese version it's named in German the Schpeck Schenke, or Schpeck Tavern (酒場シュペック亭, Sakaba Schpeck Tei)), she has a way below average talent for cooking. However, she is rather good looking and has a likeable personality, so most of the regular customers come to the bar just to talk to her.

Despite her meek impression, she is actually willing to resort to violence: in one special scene, two men start a fight in the bar. Kamerina distracts Siela with her cooking, and while Siela's back is turned, Kamerina knocks the two men unconscious.

She's in charge of the menu for the day and is a Non-player character. Interact with her to select the dishes.

Default DialogueEdit

  • At the Bar:
    • Hi Siela. How can I help you?



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