Conditions to trigger instance: Finish the game, obtained pickaxe, and used it to open the path to the Otts Cave Hidden Map Area.


  • Siela : restos Poderia este Ser Civilização Os de Uma?
  • Fred: What civilization?
  • Siela: An ancient one? I don't know! 

>player enters next room<

  • Siela: Wait.... I wonder what this is... The bumps look like faces. A sword... what is this all about? I'm going to pull it out. What?! I haven't pulled it out yet.
  • Fred: Be careful... it's no ordinary rock.
  • Siela: What!?

It's angry!


Recommended party setup. Use light attribute equipment. Shadow spams debuff. Milija can buff and heal. Fred steals.

After BattleEdit

  • Siela: Well, what was that! It must have been sealed with the power of this sword. But it's mine now!


  • Siela: What'sthat sound? *door opens* .... This means entekpot!