Conditions to trigger instance: Completed the "Pizza Everyday" side quest. Obtained Golden Box from Shadow's Treasure Room.


  • Siela: (Maybe he's talking about this... This could be the puzzle box...) Hey, is this...
  • Moguani: Oh my goodness! This IS the puzzle box I have been looking for! Wh.. Where did you get this?
  • Siela: I found it. So this was a puzzle box...
  • Moguani: Can I borrow it? Please!!
  • Siela: Yes. Here you go. Be careful with it.
  • Moguani: Wow!!! Thank you so much! It's really the puzzle box! I have been dreaming about this!!!  I swear on my grandmother I will solve this puzzle!!
  • Siela: Is your grandmother famous or something?
  • Moguani: No, it's just that she raised me. Time to concentrate on the puzzle!!